• Lancaster Leadership Academy

    Supplemental Application Requirements


    The requirements must be completed and submitted by their due dates in order to finalize your application to the Leadership Academy.  Questions regarding any of the tasks should be addressed to Mr. Skowron (room 125) or Mrs. Eberhart (room 244).

    Task #1:  Complete On-Line Application


    Task #2:  Writing Sample - Due by February 8th, 2019

    q       Type a letter to the “Members of the Leadership Academy Committee” describing an experience when you made a positive difference for a group or an individual. 

    q       Include at least two specific details to describe this experience.

    q       Identify and discuss at least two personal skills and traits you used.

    q       Explain one important lesson you learned from this experience.

    q       Describe two ways this experience impacted you.

    q       Describe two ways this experience impacted the group or individual.



    Task #3:  Teacher Recommendations - Distribute by February 8, 2019

    q       Distribute recommendations to 3 LHS teachers before February 8, 2019. (Pick up in room 125)


    Task #4:  Parent Letter - Due by February 8, 2019

    q       A parent/guardian is required to write a letter on your behalf describing you as a person. This letter is used as another way to getting a more all around picture of who you are.

    q       This letter should detail your talents, skills, personality, challenges, and weaknesses.

    q       Review the attached letter with your parent/guardian

    q       The letter must be returned to room 125 in a sealed envelope by February 8, 2019.


    Task #5:  Video Speech

    q       Each applicant must deliver a 60-90 second speech. 

    q       This speech will be videotaped for viewing by the entire Leadership Academy Application Committee as part of the application process.

    q       Appointments for speeches will be held before and after school on 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7, 2/8 or 2/9 in room 125.

    q       You must sign up for an appointment in room 125.

    q       Your speech should be about yourself and can include as many of the following topics as you like during the 60-90 seconds.

    q       You should not attempt to address every single topic.

    q       Give examples and detailed explanations about the topics you choose.

    q       You may refer to notes during your speech.

    q       Topics:

      • Explain your personal strengths and weaknesses.   
      • Who or what motivates you?
      • What does leadership mean to you?   
      • Who is your hero?  Why?   
      • Explain a positive relationship you have had with an adult.    
      • Explain your future plans or aspirations
      • What is important to you?  Why?
      • Any other topic relevant to you




Last Modified on January 22, 2019