• Junior Class working on Academy Night Project
     Processes of Leadership
    11th Grade

    1 Credit


    This course will introduce students to the project-planning model with steps such as goal setting, proposals, objective charts, and evaluations.  Student work is a mixture of traditional writing including a major book review, group project planning and implementation, as well as involvement in the planning of the annual Leadership Academy Junior Class Trip.  Active school involvement and service learning hours are required.


    By the completion of the course the students will have completed all parts of the NASC Certified Leaders Program and will have submitted it for review to the NASC National Office in Washington D.C.


    Sample objectives of this course:

    ·       Completion of the Certified Leaders Program

    ·       Internship Preparation

    ·       Introduction of the Project Planning Model

    ·       Leadership Book Review and Presentation

    ·       Plan and Facilitate Leadership Academy General Meetings

    ·       Reflection Journals

    ·       YES Leadership Program Preparation

    ·       Mind Tools Exercises

    ·       Community and School Service Hours and Reflection


Last Modified on January 7, 2019