• Mr. Schmitt
    Point of View
    Research Paper
    Remember,  databases can be used to find many different types of sources such as magazine articles, newspaper articles, reference sources, primary documents, academic journal articles etc...
    Use the sources highlighted in purple to find out more about your ISSUE
    Points of View Reference Center    
         Use EBSCO Host login
    Issues and Controversies     
         Use Facts On File login
    Opposing Viewpoints in Context
         Use Gale - Infotrac login
    When using a database:
    1.  Select the appropriate database.
    2.  Notice your options (newspaper article, magazine article, reference source etc...)
    3.  Is there a print friendly option?
    4.  Look for a citation which will help you create your Works Cited page.
    Use the Purdue Owl website to help you with your Works Cited page.