• Lancaster Leadership Academy Internship Information

    Who are the students in the Lancaster Leadership Academy that you would be working with:

    Students have completed their Junior year (ages 16, 17, and 18) at Lancaster High School.


    Ø      Students have completed the following courses:

    ·        Effective Communication for Leaders

    ·        Processes of Leadership

    ·        Additional electives related to Leadership skill development


    Ø      Through these courses the students have: planned and implemented school wide projects, interviewed the faculty and staff members of LHS, presented at local and state Leadership Conferences, developed and completed Community Service Projects, created self and peer assessment tools, and, collectively combined, have performed over 2,250 Service Learning Hours.


    Ø      Students are accepted into the Leadership Academy through a rigorous application process.  Approximately five percent of each graduating class are accepted into the Academy.


    Ø      The Leadership Academy students are hard working, enthusiastic, positive, trustworthy, highly self motivated, young adults who possess high moral standards and are looking for an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills though your guidance and mentoring.


    Definition and Expectations of this Internship Experience:

     Ø      Fifty-four (54) unpaid hours of internship experience.


    Ø      In your work place these interns will have a meaningful learning experience through observing the practical application of the leadership skills that were learned in their school environment.  These leadership skills include but are not limited to communication, decision making, problem solving, organization, time management, managing, team building, assessment and evaluation.

    •  Students also have the opportunity to be a part of the freshman Foundations for Success class which can count as your internship experience.  In this class as a senior, your role is to be a teacher's assistant and help assist with teaching, organizing, and running the class.


    Lancaster Leadership Academy Co-Directors:

    Ø      Mr. Mark Skowron -      686-3277   mskowron@lancasterschools.org

    Ø      Mrs. Kristin Eberhart -  686-3277   keberhart@lancasterschools.org


Last Modified on January 31, 2017