Officer Elections:
    Officer elections for the 2018-2019 school year will take place in late April of 2018.  If you are thinking of running for Office please read the information/requirements below.  If you have any questions please see Mr. Skowron in room 125. 

    From the LHS Student Union Constitution: 

    ARTICLE V—Officers

    Section 1—Student Union Officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President,

                                    Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.

    Section 2—If the President is unable to fulfill his/her duties or to complete his/her term of

                                    office, the Vice-President shall automatically become the new President.

    Section 3—If any of the officers, other than the President, are unable to fulfill their duties

    or complete their term of office, all voting members of the Student Union at the next regularly    scheduled meeting shall elect by secret ballot an eligible representative from the Student Union to complete the remainder of that term.

    Section 4—

    Part 1

    The Student Union President shall be a member of the Junior or Senior class; the Vice-President shall be a member of the Junior or Senior class; all other officers shall be held by members of the Sophomore, Junior or Senior class.

    Part 2

    To insure the full and undivided attention of these officers to the Student Union business, Student Union officers shall not be the President of a class or any organization.

    Part 3

    Student Union officers should accept his/her position in Student Union as his/her priority above all other organizations and activities.

    Part 4

    All Student Union officers must be a member of the Leadership in Action class for each school year they are in office.

    ARTICLE VI—Duties of the President

    Section 1—Duties of the President

    1. He/She shall be the official representative of the Lancaster Central High School Student Union.

    2. He/She shall act as a liaison among the student body, the faculty and the administration.

    3. He/She shall preside over the meetings of the Student Union.

    4. He/She shall appoint any necessary committees.

    5. He/She shall be an ex-officio member of all Student Union committees.

    6. He/She shall prepare the agenda for the Student Union meetings at least seven days prior to the

    general meeting.

    1. He/She shall vote only in case of a tie.

    2. He/She shall have the power to call special meetings of the Student Union.

    Section 2—Duties of the Vice-President

    1. He/She shall assume all duties of the President in his/her absence.

    2. He/She shall oversee all committees and see that they provide regular reports.

    Section 3—Duties of the Recording Secretary

    1. He/She shall take and read all minutes of regular and special meetings of the Student Union.

    2. He/She shall keep a file of the minutes and important documents of the Student Union and see that they are available to all concerned.

    Section 4—Duties of the Corresponding Secretary

    1. He/She shall be responsible for receiving and writing any correspondence concerning the Student


    1. He/She shall take attendance of all Student Union members at each Student Union meeting.

    2. He/She shall make a monthly check of the attendance of every Student Union member and shall

    provide a written report of all members who have two unexcused absences from Student Union


    Section 5—Duties of the Treasurer

    1. He/She shall provide accurate and up-to-date records of the Student Union’s financial standing.

    1. Collecting and disbursing of Student Union money according to the rules of the district


    1. Compiling all financial information in the treasurer’s book—verifying this with district

    treasurer monthly.

    1. Preparing a Treasurer’s report to be presented to all Student Union members at each


    1. He/She shall be responsible for the cash box during fund raising activities.

    2. He/She shall be responsible for counting, sorting and rolling money received.

    ARTICLE VII—Election of Officers

    Section 1—All Student Union Offices shall be held for one calendar year, beginning on June 1.

    Section 2—All Student Union officers shall be elected by a majority vote by secret ballot.

    Section 3—All Student Union officers shall be elected by the student of the existing Freshman, Sophomore,

    and Junior classes.

    Section 4—Elections shall be conducted in the following manner:

    1. Those students wishing to become candidates for a Student Union office must register their intentions at the candidates’ meetings with the Student Union advisor, which will begin during the last week of the third marking quarter.

    1. A candidate must acquire 110 student signatures, in the following manner:

    1. Fifty signatures from his/her class

    1. Thirty signatures from each of the two remaining classes, excluding the existing Senior class


    An additional eleven signatures are also required:
    1. Four administrator signatures

    1. Seven faculty signatures

    These signatures must be submitted to the Student Union advisor within ten school days after the first candidates’ meeting.

    1. Upon submission of the petition forms, the candidates must submit a written platform which would include his/her reasons for running and personal objectives for the following year.

    All potential candidates who have fulfilled the above requirements as stated in ARTICLE II, Section 4, A, B, and C, shall have their name placed on the ballot for the respective office.

    A general election of all Student Union officers shall be held anytime during the first three weeks of May.

    In any candidate does not receive a majority vote, a run-off election will take place between the two candidates who received the most votes during this general election.




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