• Spirit Sweaters

    Faculty Spirit Sweaters are sweaters given during the Lancaster-Depew Varsity Spirit Assembly to one male and one female faculty or staff member who have demonstrated outstanding school spirit. This is a tradition we continue each year to honor two faculty or staff members who have dedicated their time to keeping the Lancaster spirit alive.
    Each recipient will receive a personalized Varsity Sweater with their name and year they received the sweater embroidered upon it and the Block L. Additionally, their names will be engraved on a plaque that hangs in the front foyer of Lancaster High School.

    Spirit Sweater Recipients:

    1993- Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Lee
    1994- Ms. Diana and Mr. Johnson
    1995- Mrs. Skowron and Mr. Tylenda
    1996- Mrs. Zdjelar and Mr. Reed
    1997- Mrs. Sciolino and Mr. Jankiewicz
    1998- Mrs. Arber and Mr. Woodard
    1999- Mrs. Lundgard and Mr. Carriero
    2000- Ms. Brighton and Mr. Wiesinger
    2001- Mrs. Tomaselli and Mr. Marciano
    2002- Mrs. Hodge and Mr. Trapper
    2003- Mrs. Young and Mr. Goss
    2004- Ms. Senycia and Mr. Pfender
    2005- Ms. Ambrose and Mr. Skowron
    2006- Mrs. Hewett and Mr. McCoy
    2007- Ms. Majeski and Mr. Mullen
    2008- Ms. Reddien (Eberhart) and Mr. Cownie
    2009- Ms. Rindos (Vogel) and Mr. Hultgren
    2010- Ms. Bona (Ruda) and Mr. Efthemis
    2011- Mrs. Adamec and Mr. Miller
    2012- Mrs. Poe and Mr. Clifford
    2013- Mrs. Gembar and Mr. Marchioli
    2014- Mrs. Piotrowski and Mr. Santoro
    2015- Mrs. Grahnert-Mullen and Mr. Wild
    2016- Mrs. Brooder and Mr. Murphy
    2017- Mrs. Davidzik, Mrs. Danelski, and Mr. Favata
    2018- Ms. Wilson and Mr. Riley
    2019- Mrs. VanVoorhees-Kelly and Mr. Dickson

Last Modified on October 14, 2020