• Students Working to Improve the School Setting


    SWISS is a group of students that meets on a monthly basis with Mr. Marchioli (Principal), Officer Maute (Student Resource Officer), Mr. Offhaus (Head Custodian), Mrs. Denke(Cafe Manager), Mr. Wild (Athletic Director), and other administrators to discuss various questions and concerns throughout the school.

    2019-20 Meeting Dates:

    November 5 @2:25PM @Conf. Rm. 
    December 4 @ 2:25 PM @ Conf. Rm.
    January 29 @ 2:25PM @ Conf. Rm.
    February 26 @ 2:25PM @ Conf. Rm.
    March 30@ 2:25PM @ Conf. Rm.
    April 28 @ 2:25PM @ Conf. Rm.
    May 227 @ 2:25PM @ Conf. Rm.
     2019-20 Members: 
    -Ryan O. (LA, Soccer, SHS)
    -Maria W. (NHS, Track, HCA)
    -Michaela M. (LA, SHS, Block L, Swimming)
    -Alison J. (HCA, Soccer, SU)
    -Madison S. (AOF, Cheerleading)
    -Abby S. (AVPA, PLTW, Bowling, Stage Crew)
    -Kayliana M. (HCA, Connections)
    -Meghan V. (LA)
    -Theodore C. (LA)
    -Madeleine M. (HCA, SWISS 17-18
    -Grace M. (LA)
    -Gianna M. (HCA, Music)
    -Genevieve F. (SADD, AVPA)
    -Caterina G. (The HUB)
    -Kathryn W. (AOF)
    -Juliet P. (LA)
    -Gabe R. (LA)
    -Skylar V. (AOHT)
    -Courtney L. (LA)
    -Nicholas L. (Trades)
    -Jeremy G.
    -Ryan S.
    -Amelia P.
    -Haley F.


Last Modified on November 6, 2019