• Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

    The Lancaster Central School District works closely with Carousel Academy to ensure that students are confident and well-prepared for kindergarten. We also partner with parents and families to prepare each child for kindergarten, as well as their future educational career. The pre-kindergarten's curriculum not only prepares each child academically but also includes important goals to enhance social and emotional skills.

    When planning and preparing lessons and experiences, teachers use the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and resources. This developmentally appropriate curriculum uses hands-on materials to teach children literacy and math skills. Our curriculum goals also include the New York State Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-Kindergarten (link below). Teachers use classroom observations and one-on-one assessments to monitor individual progress and create developmentally appropriate lesson plans and activities.

    *Below are some of the skills the children will work on throughout the school year.

    Math Skills:

    • Rote counting 1-10 (1-20 by the end of the year)
    • Count objects 1 by 1 (1-20 by the end of the year)
    • Recognize numerals 1-10
    • Sort objects or pictures into different categories
    • Describe and classify the attributes of various objects
    • Recognize shapes
    • Recognize colors

    Literacy Skills:

    • Identify most of the letters in the alphabet (by the end of the year, identify the letters in first and last name
    • Write most of the letters of the alphabet (by the end of the year, write first name)
    • Identify sounds of letters and beginning sounds of words
    • Identify print concepts (reading from top to bottom and left to right, the parts of a book, letters make words, and that words have meaning, etc.)
    • Identify the parts of a book
    • Retell simple and familiar stories
    • Recognize rhyming sounds

    Social/Emotional and Self-Help Skills:

    • Listen to peers and adults
    • Participate in cooperative play
    • Participate in whole group and small group instruction
    • Respect and use materials properly
    • Ability to state feelings
    • Ability to make individual choices
    • Button and zipper clothing/jackets
    • Take care of self in the bathroom

    Gross Motor Skills:

    • Balance on 1 foot for 5 or more seconds
    • Throw ball overhand
    • Gallop
    • Walk full length of the balance beam
    • Walk up and down stairs alone
    • Manage climbing equipment
    • Skip on alternating feet
    • Hop 2 or 3 yards

    Fine Motor Skills:

    • Grasp pencil, crayon, etc. correctly
    • Manipulate most tiny objects
    • Copy shapes from a given example
    • Draw a 2-6 part person


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