Parents as Reading Partners

       Independent reading is one of the best predictors of reading achievement in comprehension, decoding, fluency, and vocabulary (Anderson, Wilson, and Fielding, 1988).  Reading with your child is one of the most valuable things you can do with him or her.  Every evening, your child should be reading a novel of his or her own choosing for at least 25 minutes.  You can either read "with", or "to" him or her since children still love to be read to by experienced fluent readers.  Have discussions or make predictions about what might happen next in your novel.   It will show your children how much you value reading and create anticipation for reading the next chapter together.  You can also help them by thinking aloud and showing them how you infer or draw conclusions when you are reading together.
     Motivating Readers
    Only 54% of 9 year olds claim to read for fun (National Endowment for the Arts, 2007). Please take the time to review the monthly Scholastic book order catalogs.  You may order on line and please notice my teacher code has changed.  The  new ordering "Teacher Code" is now PDNPJ. It may be just what your child needs in order to find that perfect book that piques his or her interest.

     Read Theory


    Students can practices reading passages at their level at home for free at their independent level to earn cool cash, candy, and prizes.



Last Modified on July 27, 2018