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Megan's Law Resources

In accordance with the Sex Offender Registration Act ("Megan's Law"), the Board of Education supports the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Service (DCJS) in its effort to inform the community in certain circumstances of the presence of individuals with a history of sex offenses, particularly against children, in the school locality. This policy is enacted in order to minimize the possibility that the sex offender will come in contact with school-age children, and to assist law enforcement agencies in preventing further criminal activity from occurring. Furthermore, the district shall cooperate with local police authorities and the local community in promoting and protecting the safety and well being of its students.

Click on this link to download a complete copy of Board of Education Policy 7560 Notification of Sex Offenders.

As of July 20, 2006, legislation expands the availability of sex offender information as follows:

Information regarding Level 1 and Level 2 offenders may now be disseminated to the public. Information that law enforcement may disseminate includes: name, photograph, zip code, offense description, and may include special probation or parole conditions as made available.

Level 2 sex offenders are now included in the sub-directory, along with Level 3 offenders. Exact address of both levels, if available, will be listed at and is available to the public (see additional resources on the left side of this page). The New York State Sex Offender Registry also has a toll-free telephone number for the public, 1-800-262-3257. Persons calling will need the name of the offender AND one or more of the following: driver's license number OR social security number OR date of birth OR exact address.

To increase public awareness and improve access to this important information, copies of sex offender notifications will be archived below. Pursuant to New York State Division of Criminal Justice Service guidelines, please be advised: The information in this directory must be used responsibly. Anyone who uses this information to harass or commit a criminal act against any person may be subject to criminal prosecution. Please refer to Board Policy #7560 if you have questions. Please contact the Lancaster Police Department for ADA accessible copies of these documents.




Date of Original Notice           


Level of Offense



Mediak, Christopher


September 7, 2023


Level 3



Nixon, Eugene


August 15, 2023


Level 3



Champagne, David J.


May 9, 2023


Level 2



Newman, Mark A.


April 24, 2023


Level 2



Batka, Robert John


February 9, 2023


Level 2



Longobardi, James V.         


October 12, 2022


Level 2



Dmochowski, Joseph


August 19, 2022





Ward, Sean


February 9, 2022


Level 2



Weber, Walter


December 21, 2021


Level 2



Fridmann, Cole


April 16, 2020


Level 2



Kestner, Arthur


February 28, 2019


Level 2



Grupp, Alexander


February 1, 2019


Level 2



Swiader, Eric


December 13, 2018


Level 2



Martis, Kevin


January 4, 2018


Level 2



Schrock, James


November 16, 2017


Level 2



Perez, Willie


August 17, 2017


Level 1



Sartori, Joel


August 15, 2017


Level 2



Sexton, Caleb


April 6, 2016


Level 2



Baker, Joseph J.


March 17, 2010


Level 2



Mazurowski, Andrew


January 4, 2007


Level 2



Dulski, Robert


October 14, 2003


Level 2