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Lancaster Central School District

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The formal process of creating the CDEP began prior to the pandemic in fall of 2019. Multiple data collection tools were utilized to conduct a formal needs assessment to determine the goals and underlying themes. The formal tools included a survey of all faculty members, focus groups at each school, and a CDEP core team that met multiple times throughout the process to craft the CDEP. Due to the pandemic, the finalization of CDEP was delayed until the spring of 2022; however, as a result of the delay, more feedback and input was gathered. Therefore, the CDEP is more robust and comprehensive than it would have otherwise been, allowing us to focus on not only the next five years, but also supporting our students as we address the effects of the pandemic from both the academic and social-emotional perspectives. This is best highlighted with the additions of the social-emotional learning and culture, climate, and inclusivity underlying themes.

Board of Education CDEP Presentation - March 21, 2022

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