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2024-25 School Year New York State Immunization Requirements for School Entrance/Attendance

Please contact New York State Department of Health for an ADA compliant version of this document.

Dispensing Medication In School
Medication taken in school refers to over-the-counter and prescription medication. Students who must take medication during school hours must leave it with the school nurse along with a written permission note from a parent or guardian and the doctor, a description of the medicine, and the dosage and number of times the medication is to be taken. This policy is strictly enforced. Parents are requested to bring medication to school in the original container. All conditions must be met before any medication is dispensed during school.

Working Papers
The Pupil Personnel Department supervises the issuance of working papers through the nurse’s office at Lancaster High School. Working papers are required by law for those students aged 14 through 17 who work part-time or full-time. Complete information and application forms are available at either Lancaster High School, Lancaster Middle School, or St. Mary’s High School. Newspaper carrier applications for students aged 11 through 18 are available at all public and parochial schools in the Lancaster Central School District. The issuance of the working papers and newspaper permits takes place only at Lancaster High School. Questions should be referred to (716) 686-3343.

Building Health Offices:

Como Park Health Office

Court Street Health Office

Hillview Health Office

John A. Sciole Health Office

William Street Health Office

Middle School Health Office

High School Health Office


NYS Department of Health

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention