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Lancaster Central School District

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Scheduling and Routing

Bus stops will be established at corners, designated fire hydrants, and other assigned mid-points. kindergarten through grade 6 students may not be required to walk more than 1/10 mile to a designated stop; grade 7 through 12 students may not be required to walk more than 2/10 mile.

All students, including students whose pick-up point is their residence and kindergarteners, will be expected to be at their bus stops at least five minutes before their scheduled pick-up and to remain there at least ten minutes beyond the scheduled time.

All provisions regarding pick-up points and scheduling apply to normal daily transportation of students to and from school. If the district should offer extraordinary transportation in the form of late buses and/or sports and extracurricular buses, the provisions of the pick up and scheduling policy may not apply, and the riding time may be longer and the walking distance from the drop-off point to the student’s residence may be longer than what is experienced on the normal daily run.

Pick-up points shall be established to ensure the safety of students while maximizing the best use of the district’s transportation services. No pick-up point shall be designated on private roadways, roads that are not serviced by town, county, and/or state highway departments, or dead-ended streets or roadways. Pick-up points on streets or roads requiring the school bus to turn around shall be avoided.

Generally, drop-off points shall be the same as pick-up points, unless greater safety can be achieved by altering the location. Except in instances of transportation for child care (see transportation for childcare) and/or emergency circumstances, students will ride the buses they are scheduled to ride and be picked up and dropped off at their scheduled stops. Transportation to or from an alternate location is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Concerns about routing and transportation should be directed to the office at 686-3290. An appeals process has been created for any unsatisfied requests; a transportation review committee will decide on these matters within 30 days.

Request for Bus Stop Change Form