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Lancaster Central School District

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District Goals

Lancaster Central School District Goals 2023-24

Student Achievement

  • Implement the LCSD Comprehensive Education Plan (CDEP) plans of action created in the 2022-2023 school year and monitor progress through the review of multiple sources of data. The updated plans and the review of data will be presented to the LCSD Board of Education.
  • Expand opportunities for students (grades K-12) to interact with people of diverse backgrounds, interests, and perspectives to build understanding, acceptance, and connectedness. Offer professional learning opportunities around culture, climate, and inclusivity (CCI) with a specific focus on supporting our students.

Health & Safety

  • Expand partnerships and involvement of local emergency response agencies in emergency planning and drills.

Personnel & Labor Relations

  • Obtain a fair and reasonable labor agreement with the Lancaster Association of Substitute Teachers (LAST).
  • Expand candidate pools and attract top-level talent for open positions.
  • Leverage SchoolFront to maximize its functionality as a total employee management system by transitioning existing forms and documents to the SchoolFront platform and improving information and process flow across the district.

Finance & Operations

  • Move the December 2018 $77.1 million bond issue forward from phase 4 to phase 5 of construction.
  • Assist in moving a 2023 bond issue forward from inception through community approval (factoring in building conditions survey 5-year plan, SES enrollment study, and program needs).
  • Plan to transition the American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) fund expenses to the general fund and oversee the creation of a fiscally responsible budget that upholds the mission and values of the school community while maintaining integrity of district programs, services, and financial condition.

Board Approved: August 28, 2023