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SES Study

Board of Education Contracts With Outside Consultants for Planning

“Are there options that might provide more cost-effective ways or patterns to organize how the Lancaster Central School District pre-K through 12 program is implemented and delivered over the next three years?” is the key question that will be addressed by guest facilitators, Dr. Paul M. Seversky and Mr. Douglas Exley of the SES Study Team, LLC, who were engaged by the board of education earlier this month.
On November 27, the board of education and senior administration took part in a Planning for the Future Workshop, intended to culminate in a written document to help guide the focus of a Program Delivery Feasibility Study recently commissioned by the board. The initial work session was open to the public to attend, observe, and listen to the work of the board, superintendent, and administration, as facilitated by the SES Study Team.
As impartial third party facilitators, Dr. Seversky and Mr. Exley will explore various kinds of school district data that may support the consideration of different methods of delivering Lancaster’s educational program. The goal of the study is to identify viable options that the district and community may want to consider as the board of education charts a course for the future of the school district.
The Lancaster Central School District is diligently engaged in its ongoing short term and long term planning regarding the delivery of program and services to the pupils of the school district for the near and far future. The board of education and administration have no pre-conceived options or conclusions about the findings of the Program Delivery Feasibility Study. Following the introductory session on November 27, the work of SES will be comprised of several different phases that will offer opportunities for community input. Results of the study will be posted on the district’s website.