• RTI Letter

    DearSciole Families,


    The faculty and staff here at John A. Sciole Elementary are committed to working asa team to help our students be successful. One way we accomplish this, is through our Response to Intervention (RTI) team (formally called the Student Support Team or SST). The team consists of myself, the school psychologist, social worker, AIS teachers, speech pathologist, special education and general education teachers, and our nurse. The team meets weekly and follows a response to intervention model (RTI).


    The steps in our RTI model is as follows:

    When a teacher has concerns about a student’s success in the classroom (academically, behaviorally, socially, etc.), he or she will try interventions in the classroom. Examples include an individual behavior plan in addition to the whole class plan, or classwork modifications.
    If these classroom interventions are not effective, the teacher refers the student to the RTI team. The RTI team will discuss the student with the teacher, looking at assessment results, classroom work, and the results of the previously attempted interventions. The team will make intervention recommendations and develop a plan for monitoring this intervention. A member of the team will be assigned as the case manager and assist the teacher during the agreed upon time period for the intervention. At the end of the time period, the teacher and the RTI team will meet again to review the results of the intervention. A decision will be made to either discontinue the intervention (when successful), modify and continue it, or develop a new one.

    The entire process is designed as an early intervention to help students besuccessful. Please be assured that if your child is referred to this team for any reason, the classroom teacher will contact you. If it is determined that an intervention will be tried, you will be notified and kept informed of yourchild’s progress.


    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our Response to Intervention team.




    CarrieL. Greene


    CarrieL. Greene, Principal