• Academic Intervention Services (AIS)
    This service is provided for students who require extra support in the areas of reading and math. Multiple measures are used to qualify students for these services. Measures include: Classroom performance, classroom assessments, Individual Reading Inventories, Standardized tests, AIMSweb measures and Recommendation from teacher or Student Support Team. Services may be provided by "pull out", taking students for extra support in a separate location outside of the classroom, in a small group or individual setting or pushing into the classroom for extra support during regular class instruction. Student's progress is monitored throughout each quarter.
    Students who are identified to receive AIS services in reading are grouped according to their ability level.  This allows for students to interact with other students at the same level, in order to gain confidence and fluency.  Through frequent monitoring and classroom observation, we are able to use flexible grouping to ensure our students are receiving appropriate instruction at their level.  Students may shift between groups and providers throughout the year to meet their individual needs.