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    Lancaster High School Chapter


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    2022 - 2023 Officers

    President - Brianna F.
    Vice President - Samantha S.
    Vice President - Jayden N.  
    Recording Secretary - Hannah C. 
    Corresponding Secretary - Olivia A.
    Treasurer - Caden S. 
    Historian - Laine M. 

    June 2022 NHS Agenda

    If you are considering running for an officer position for the 2022-2023 school year, please read the responsibilities of the officers and go to our Google Classroom page and complete the assignment associated with this.  Elections will be online and announced in mid May when those will be.  You have to be a Junior NHS member in good standing, in order to run in the election. 

    PRESIDENT: Preside over Exec Board and General Member meetings

    Prepare meeting agendas

    Oversee all Committees

    Initiate Plans of action

    Year end Report and all duties/responsibilities of members

    Contact Artdog/ give t-shirt design and NHS order (if we make one)


    VICE PRES (2): Attend Exec Board and General Member meetings

    Preside over meetings if the president is unable to

    Record Monthly activity hours, every two weeks

    Provide updated activity hours for all members


    REC. SECTY: Attend Exec Board and General Member meetings

    Keep minutes of meetings and post to the website

    Keep a record of all agendas, minutes & relevant info for the year

    Maintain files of membership and chapter history

    Update and maintain NHS website 


    COR. SECTY: Attend Exec Board and General Member meetings

    Keep attendance records for all meetings

    Send absence notices to members not in attendance at general meetings

    Collect absence forms from members, and file accordingly

    Send all reminders in a timely fashion to members

    Send & receive all correspondence pertaining to the organization (this includes letters for eligible LHS students in February and acceptance/rejection letters in April, all thank you notes)


    TREASURER: Attend Exec Board and General Member meetings

    Collect chapter dues ($25)

    Maintain accurate account records

    Prepare a monthly treasurer's report for members

    Collect and deposit all monies in accordance with district policy

    Order or pick up food for monthly general membership meetings

    Organize food drive event and collect and count money daily 

     Officers attend a 7am meeting once a month to plan general membership meetings. 

    General Meetings will also be held at 7am for the 2022-2023 school year. 

    Helping with these activities will cover your 18 volunteer hours- but hours still need to be recorded.Officers must help each other with all events, since some positions are more demanding than other officer positions. These are all demanding positions for the second largest club in LHS, so please make sure you want this commitment and prestigious position of leadership before running. Thank you for considering a position as an officer of NHS.  

Last Modified on June 21, 2022