• Materials needed for Mrs. Giza's Classes:

    1.5" 3-ring binder, 1 spiral bound notebook, scientific calculator, 2 packages index cards, 2 pocket folder, 2 dry erase markers (OPTIONAL: box of tissues, roll of paper towels, hand sanitizer) 

    You can contact Mrs. Giza by emailing her at mgiza@lancasterschools.org   Grades can be checked on the Portal.   

    Sign up for text alerts for the appropriate class period as follows:

    Period 1:  text @mrsgiza9 to the # 81010

    Period 3: text @mrsgiza2 to the # 81010

    Period 6: text @mrsgiza6 to the #81010

    Period 9: text @mrsgiza7 to the # 81010


    If you are interested in setting up a parent-teacher conference, please contact the Counselling Center.


    The course syllabus and lab safety documentation is available in Google Classroom.