•  Frau Fitzpatrick

    Wilkommen! Welcome to 7th grade German class and welcome back to the 8th graders!

    This year you will have the opportunity to begin your study of a second language.  I am thrilled that you have chosen German. In 7th grade German, you will learn about the following topics. These topics are the first half of New York State checkpoint A.
    * Personal ID
    * Physical Environment
    * Leisure
    * Education
    * Family Life
    * House and Home
    * Current Events 
    Although you will not have a written assignment everyday, there is always a vocabulary list to study and verbs to conjugate.  When written homework is assigned, it is expected that it will be completed.  Remember that in addition to the vocabulary lists located in your binder, your text book contains the vocabulary lists as well.   Students will sign up for Google Classroom at the beginning of October.