• Welcome to our Virtual Backpack! 

    Here you will find informational flyers from the school, the PTO, and community organizations. Postings are organized by month and category. They are posted as printable PDFs to afford easy access for parents. They will remain accessible throughout the year, which means no more searching through your child's backpack looking for a lost flyer!

    New Policy 

    At this time, paper copies of all school-sponsored events will also be sent home with students. However, flyers from community organizations will ONLY be posted to our Virtual Backpack and will no longer be sent home with each child.

    Community organizations may submit flyers in PDF form to our Superintendent's office for approval and should not be interpreted as District sponsorship of an event or endorsement of any organization. The information is posted by the District as a community service. The approval process for the distribution of flyers has not changed.


    2023-2024 Virtual Backpack

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