• Please take time to read the expectations below.

    We look forward to working with your son, an exciting season and meeting you.


    *The length of each practice will be an hour to an hour and a half.

    *We expect full effort and concentration at every practice.

    *Student athletes should have a water bottle & all necessary equipment for each practice.

    *Student athletes are expected to wait in the cafeteria until a coach arrives for practice. The time in the cafeteria shall be used as a study hall.
    *Parents are expected to pick up their student-athlete at the end of practice. Please be considerate of the coaching staff's obligation to their own families and be on time. There is no late bus. If there are concerns regarding pick up, please email me and we can work something out.
    *We share a bus with the Girls Modified team. I ask that the boys watch the first quarter of an away game if we play before them.
    *All practices & games will be listed on the team's web page. We practice at the Middle School. All directions to games will be posted on the team's webpage.

     Student athlete attendance/behavior:

    *Student athletes must have 8 practices prior to the first scrimmage and 10 practices prior to the first game to be eligible for participation. (The number of games has changed. I will update soon. We will have enough practices)

    *Attendance is mandatory, unless the student athlete has a legal excuse. If there are special situations for the student-athlete to be absent, the student athlete must notify the head coach. An absence the day before a game means the athlete cannot participate in that game.

    *Athletes shall respect all coaches & teammates.

    *Being a member of a sports team is a privlege. Any misconduct in school or at an event may result in being dismissed from the team.

     Student athlete expectations:

    *Academics before athletics! If it is revealed that the athlete is not performing, as they should, they will miss practice to seek extra help from their teacher until progress is made.

    *Report all injuries to a coach immediately. If you see a doctor, you need a release.

    *All athletes are responsible for taking care of their own equipment.

    *The athletes are expected to follow all school rules and to pick up after themselves.

    *Being part of a team is a commitment. Although we understand that at times conflicts with the practice schedule do happen, we would like to ask that they be kept to a minimum.

    *If behavior in school becomes a problem, the student will be placed on a 1-week team suspension. If the misbehavior continues then the athlete will be removed from the team.

    *Student athletes will see playing time reduced and/or removal from the team if any of the following become a chronic problem:

                *Academic grades are poor

                *Behavior in & out of school is inappropriate

                *Practice attendance is irregular

                *The athlete fails to actively participate in practice

                *Consistent failure to pick up athletes in a timely manner after practices and games.

    All student athletes will play in a game unless the above criteria becomes repeatedly an issue and the coaching staff will have a meeting with the student-athlete and parent(s)/guardian(s)

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation, we look forward to a fun and exciting basketball season!

Last Modified on November 23, 2019