Blackboard WCM Updates

    • New page editing experience
    • Legacy WYSIWYG Editor Upgrade
    • New Image Editor
    • Cloud Storage Integration for OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox
    • File Library App enhanced to link to the file from the title and now opens PDFs in the browser
    • Attach existing photo galleries and videos - Users can attach already existing photo galleries and videos to the Headlines & Features, Assignment, Article Library, and Blog apps.
    • User Management lets you see where a user can edit
    • New Section Recycle Bin to house deleted sections until permanently deleted or restored


Tips & Tricks

  • Clean up formatting without stripping hyperlinks with the Clear Formatting button 

    Use Heading Styles to properly label titles and headings on pages

    Always use the Paste as Text button when copying content from any other source

    Edit image alt text by clicking on the image once to select it, right click and select image.  The Image Description and Image Title fields should be populated with the same alt text that you entered when you inserted the image on the page using the insert image button.  Image Description is the text that is read to screen readers. As a best practice keep both fields populated.

    Decrease spacing between lines of text - The new editor inserts a paragraph tag between lines of text when you tap the Enter key to go to a new line. This often creates more spacing than one may prefer. To decrease the spacing, place your cursor at the end of the first line of text, use the delete key on your keyboard to bring the next line of text up. Now, hold down Shift key and tap Enter on your keyboard.

Turn on App Titles to Create an H1 Heading

  • Welcome to my classroom
    Here are today's assignments