• Homework Policy:

    Your child will receive homework, despite what they tell you! 

    Methods of notification:

    • Posting in class on assignment board Monday Morning, numerous verbal cues.
    • If the assignment is not turned in during the class period, it will be considered late. 
    • Students have the opportunity to turn late work in for ½ the original value of the assignment.
    • Late work must be turned in before the end of the given marking period.

    Absent Policy:

     Students are required to come see me when they return to school so that I may provide them with the work and or assignment(s) that they missed.  A reasonable timeline will be given to complete the work.


    • At the end of each chapter a test will be given.
    • Quizzes will usually be given by chapter section, for example Chapter 1-1.
    • Final exam is a cumulative test that is given in June. Students will receive review materials in class.    


    • Grades and assignments will be available on the parent portal.
    • Grading is based out of total points for a given marking period.
      • 450 = Students total points from homework, tests, labs, quizzes and various other assignments.
      • 500 = Total points available for the marking period.
      • 450/500  = 0.9 x 100 = 90% is the marking period average.


     7 – Red Physical Science Textbook Login:

    Login using the following:

    Username:     SEVENR24

    Password:  seven250