Below is the TENTATIVE tryout schedule. Any changes will be communicated directly to students via school email.

    Monday 3/18 ALL Players 5:45-7:15 (arrive at 5:15 for warmup)

    Tuesday 3/19 Group 1 ONLY 5:45-7:15 (arrive at 5:15 for warmup)

                           Group 2 ONLY 7:15-8:30 (arrive at 6:45 for warmup)

    Wednesday 3/20 Group 2 ONLY 5:45-7:15 (arrive at 5:15 for warmup)

                                Group 1 ONLY 7:15-8:30 (arrive at 6:45 for warmup)

    Thursday 3/21 Remaining Players ONLY 5:45-7:15 (arrive at 5:15 for warmup)

    Friday 3/22 Remaining Players ONLY 5:45-8:15 (arrive at 5:15 for warmup)

    All practices will be held at LHS. A map was posted to the Google Classroom with directions on where to meet. Student groups were assigned and sent via school email. Please wear baseball pants (any color) and a black tee shirt. Bring your helmet, BBCOR -3 bat (we have extras), sneakers, cleats and outdoor gear (in the event we get outside).

    How many players will the Modified team carry?

    This depends on the number of players that tryout and the skill level of the players. The target number of players for the team is 18.

    What type of commitment is there for Modified Baseball?

    We typically practice 5 days per week. Saturday practices and/or games are a possibility. We will play approximately 12 games, weather permitting. Players who make the team are expected to fully participate in team practices and games. Missing practices may result in reduced playing time. Some players will have much different roles than others and playing time is not guaranteed. 


    Please contact Coach Brian Sepe with any questions or concerns.

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