• Welcome to Miss Staszak's AIS Webpage

    Contact Information:

    Phone number: (716) 391-2404

    Email: astaszak@lancasterschools.org

    If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to set up a virtual conference, please contact me at school by phone or email.

  • What is Academic Intervention Support?

    AIS is an additional support that is provided to students within the contents of the school day in order to assist them in meeting grade level expectations set forth by New York State. This intervention program is designed in order to help every student be successful. Based on student needs, it varies in frequency, duration and intensity. 

  • How Can I Help My Child Succeed? 

    - I recommend you read for at least 15 minutes a night with your child and discuss what you have read after.

    - Students should be practicing their math fact fluency for at least 5 minutes nightly. Play "Beat the Timer" and see how many they can do in a minute. Make it fun!


    Ways to Explore Literacy

    - Visit the public library.

    - Visit a local book or thrift store.

    - Listen to ebooks while driving. 

    - Take turns reading every other page.

    - Read a different genre: fiction, nonfiction, mystery, poetry, fantasy, graphic novel, biography, cookbook, etc.

    - Find new and exciting places to read.

    - Read books, then watch the movie to compare and contrast.