• March/April 2020 Letter

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

    Western New Yorkers cherish the change in seasons and the opportunities that they provide. I do believe that the anticipation of spring excites us the most because of the numerous examples of new beginnings that nature provides us. Lancaster High School is no different.  We want you to be aware of all that can be accomplished this spring as a student here at LHS. We are proud of the many opportunities for students and parents to experience the school to its fullest with the focus on the Music, Art, Physical Education, and Science departments.

    This year’s musical, “Cinderella,” received many compliments.  The amount of work put in by both students and adults was obviously reflected in the final product.  Attendance was high and we are confident that all were thoroughly delighted with the performance. It was a true community effort with students, staff and parents working together. All involved should be extremely proud of their accomplishments.  Students in the music program are also very busy preparing for the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) evaluations and upcoming spring concerts.

    March is National Youth Art Month. To celebrate, the Art Department, the Arts Academy Gallery Internship class have put together an exhibit of nearly 60 artworks from students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. The exhibit can be seen for most of the month of March in the High School's new art gallery and features works selected by the art teachers of students in every elementary school and the middle school in our district.  Stop by to experience the amazing things these aspiring young artists have created from landscapes, to portraits, to pop artworks and much more. Also, the Senior mural has been unveiled and the Building Beautification Student Projects are also in progress, working on the walls of room 122 and the hallway leading to athletics.  The Art Department works in conjunction with these organizations to improve the presentation of our building by redecorating the walls. This certainly has made a significant impact on the culture of the building.

    Physical Education is winding up the inside portion of the curriculum with units in pickleball and fitness. They continue to align their curriculum with SUNY Erie in order to provide dual-enrollment opportunities for their students. Students and staff alike are looking forward to a break in the weather, allowing more outside activities to commence.

    The Science Department has continued to implement the latest instructional strategies into the classrooms to improve student learning. With the STEM initiative moving forward our Science Department has been looking at curriculum and offerings to make sure our students are being presented with material that will prepare them for college and career. 

    Spring is a time when the administration has a dual role.  We are facilitating the end of this school year while planning for the beginning of 2020-2021.  To that end the scheduling process is in full implementation. The counselors are continuing to meet with students to schedule for next year and give advice regarding future considerations.  Parents and students, please continue talking about those choices because it is an important and exciting family decision.  

    We are entering the home stretch on our way to June.  Let’s take advantage of the energy that comes with this time of year!


    Mr. Marchioli