• District-Wide Safety Plan 2022-23

    In accordance with Education Law §2801-a and Commissioner’s regulation §155.17, each public school district must develop and annually update a District-Wide Safety Plan. Annually, the District-Wide Safety Plan is to be made available for 30-day public comment, including a public hearing, and then be approved by the Board of Education by September 1.
    The draft LCSD 2022-23 draft District-Wide Safety Plan was available on this page beginning June 17, 2022, and a public hearing was held on the plan on July 11, 2022. Comments, questions, or concerns continued to be accepted through July 31, 2022. The Board of Education approved the final LCSD 2022-23 District-Wide Safety Plan, found below, on August 22, 2022.
    Questions on the final plan may be directed to the district's Chief Emergency Officer, Jamie Phillips, Assistant Superintendent for Business & Support Services, at jphillips@lancasterschools.org.
    Education Law §2801-a and Commissioner’s regulation §155.17 also require that each public school develop and annually update a confidential building-level Emergency Response Plan (ERP) that includes details about how each school's personnel and students would respond to different types of emergency situations that may occur in their school. These ERPs are approved annually by the Board of Education but remain confidential due to the nature of the information contained within each building-level ERP. These plans were approved by the Board of Education on August 22, 2022, distributed to various law enforcement and first responder agencies, and submitted to NYSED by the October 1, 2022 deadline.
    In accordance with Chapter 168 of the Laws to 2020 that requires public employers, including public school districts, to adopt a continuation of operations plan in the event that the governor declares a public health emergency involving communicable disease, the Lancaster CSD Communicable Disease Continuity of Operation Plan is available here.