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Mrs. Megan Anstett

 Mrs. Anstett

My name is Mrs. Megan Anstett and I am one half of  the Algebra I Double Block teaching team.  This year will be my 11th year working at Lancaster High School. I love the Lancaster school district, and when my husband and I were looking to buy our first home we decided this was the place to be.  Now almost 8 years later we are proud to be Legends!  I have two sons, Calvin who is 6 and Jonah who just turned 3. We spend our days playing sports outside, reading, and riding bikes. Also at home we have a small Boston Terrier dog named Cow who loves to snuggle.  

I am so excited about having the opportunity to work with you this year.  In this unique double block period we will really get a chance to get to know each other. Our extended 2 period classes will allow us to take our time, and really dive into the algebra curriculum.  I truly believe that everyone has talents that can be developed through hard work and good strategies.  This year we will build our brains by challenging ourselves, making mistakes and learning from them. I can’t promise that math this year will be easy, but I can promise you that I will do everything in my power to help support you throughout the learning process.


Supply List

3” 3-ring binder
Composition Notebook
Folder w/ Pockets & 3 prongs
Graphing Calculator (TI-83, 83+, 84, 84+)
One pack of 3 x 5 index cards


Homework Policy

This course does not have ANY homework assignments. We will use the two periods of Math every day to learn and practice in many different styles (groups, stations, activities, games, etc…). However, if we find that students are not completing the expected work on a regular basis, the homework policy could change. If students do not finish the expected work during a period, they will be asked to come back to finish it before school, after school, or during a free period. We will expect all students to work hard during the two periods every day. If they do, all work should be able to be completed, and there should never be any homework.


Test Corrections

Students can do test corrections for every Unit test during the year.  They are not mandatory, but students will receive half of the points they miss back if they do them.  The students have a week upon receiving their test back to do them, and they must be done before school or after school with myself and Mr. Pollard, or during school with a Resource teacher if they have one.  Each question that the student got wrong, they must re-do the problem from the beginning with all work shown.  If it is a multiple choice problem where showing work is tough, a sentence explaining why the answer is correct is also acceptable.  We will not accept any unfinished corrections.  The best way to ensure a great grade in this class is to do test corrections every unit!!