Students will familiarize themselves with the school district's academic policy (found in the front of the student academic planner/student handbook). Students will be held accountable for all aspects of the academic honesty policy as it pertains to their work.
    Students will report to class on time or with a signed late pass and be prepared with all necessary materials for the day's lesson (i.e. Binder/Notebook/Homework/Supplies).
    Students will work towards becoming independent learners. They will accept responsibility for their preparation and success or lack thereof. They will give their best effort the majority of the time. They will strive to maximize their individual potential. They will attempt academic tasks before asking for help. They will ask for help/clarification if necessary before an assignment is due.
    Students will complete homework in a timely fashion. It is the student's responsibility to copy daily homework assignments in their student academic planners from the homework center. Homework will also be posted as often as possible on the website, but any changes that happen in the classroom due to unforeseen  circumstances may not be reflected on the website, but will certainly be posted in the classroom homework center.
    Students will be better writers, analysts, and critical thinkers in June than they are in September.
    Students will strive to achieve Mastery or higher in every quarterly average.

Last Modified on October 31, 2019