• Materials needed for Mrs. Balling's Classes:

    Pair of headphones or ear buds, 1" 3-ring binder, loose leaf paper, pens, pencils, package of colored pencils, yellow highlighter, TWO composition notebooks with 100 pages each. (or three 80 page composition notebooks) Tape, glue and scissors to keep at home. (OPTIONAL: box of tissues, roll of paper towels, hand sanitizer) 

    You can contact Mrs. Balling by emailing her at aballing@lancasterschools.org   Grades are updated every Friday and can be checked on the Portal.   


    You can sign up to receive text alerts by texting @aballing1 to the phone #81010 

    Sun's Path Simulation Lab

    Motions of the Sky 1



    Isoline Practice

     Sun's Path

    Seasons Interactive

    Lunar Phases Interactive

    Eclipse Interactive

    HR Diagram Interactive