• High School Physical Education Requirements

    New York State Mandated

    Physical Education classes meet every other day. The 9/10th grade classes are .50 unit courses and meet for the entire school year. Physical Education is considered a 1/2 year course for attendance policy purposes, because we meet every other day.

    The 11/12th grade classes are .50 unit courses for each semester and also meet every other day. New York State requires that each student accumulates 2.0 units of Physical Education in order to graduate.

    Students must earn two units of high school credit in physical education to be eligible to graduate from high school. Students receive one-half unit of credit for each high school year in physical education. They need to pass four years of physical education to graduate (Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Section 100.5(a)(4) - Diploma Requirements).

Last Modified on November 11, 2019