Ms. Jennifer Romaszko

Phone: 716-686-3220 Ext. 7211


Degrees and Certifications:

Certified Pre-K through Grade 12, emphasis in English

Ms. Jennifer Romaszko

*Graduated from Buffalo State College and completed further studies at the University at Buffalo

*11th Year at Lancaster Central School District

*Previously taught 3rd Grade at Como Park Elementary

*Currently teaching Grade 7 & 8 ELA

*Co-Advisor for LMS Book Club


  • What should I bring with me to ELA?

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    *agenda planner

    *an open mind

    *a strong work ethic

    *any materials given by Ms. Romaszko (eg. book, notes, etc.)

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  • How will I be graded this year?

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    *Students will be graded based on the QUALITY of their work, not simply the completion of an assignment. Task details, directions, and/or rubrics will be available for assignments.

    *Students may correct ANY class or home assignment, once graded by Ms. Romaszko, and resubmitting before the end of the semester. This excludes quizzes and unit tests.

    *Students will be graded on both classwork and homework.

    *IXLs grades are based on the practice acheivement percentages:

    90-100%= 25 points

    80-90%= 20 points

    70-80%= 15 points

    <70%= 10 points

    0%= 0 points

    *Students will have an entire month to complete IXL practice

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  • If I am absent, how do I find out what I missed?

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    *Log onto Google Classrooms.

    *Open the Quarter Agenda.

    *Click on the date of the class you missed.

    *Read through the PPT Slides .

    *Complete all links and activities.

    *If you have any questions, email Ms. Romaszko at

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  • How can I make up my missed or incomplete assignments?

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    *Stay after school any day.

    *Work on them during study hall.

    *Work on them at home.

    *Whenever you finish an assignment, email Ms. Romaszko.

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