*Extra Credit is offered as long as you've been attempting to do homework/projects regularly and have a good attitude in class.  Come see me if you're interested.
    *Extra Help is offered any day before or after school hours.  Please visit me in room 227.
    *Homework is assigned on average 4 times per week. 
    What the STUDENT can do to succeed in Spanish:

    Ask for teacher assistance when needed- I’m after school every day until at least 2:45
    2. Keep a well organized binder
    3. Review notes regularly to avoid cramming when a quiz or test approaches
    4. Use their agenda planner daily to keep track of assignments
    5. Pay attention in class and hand in ALL assignments
    6. Review vocabulary flashcards and class notes for at least 10 minutes every night                               
    7. Review with friends or older siblings


    What PARENTS can do to help their child succeed in Spanish:

    1. Help them to prepare a quiet study place at home that contains the supplies needed
    2. Teach them strategies to organize their time effectively
    3. Check their agenda planners so you are aware of their daily homework and future assignments
    4. Check their binders to make sure that they are completing worksheets and that they are organized
    5. Contact the teacher as soon as you have a question or concern about your student’s progress as this can  avoid larger problems later on. E-mail is the easiest way to reach me.
    6. Set aside 10 minutes every night that are specifically for the review of  Spanish vocabulary
    7. Make language learning a part of your daily activities.  Learn along with your child!
    8. Make it fun by labeling objects around the house or by playing matching, memory, or other card games with the vocabulary flash cards
Last Modified on January 3, 2019