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    Salem Health Cancer

    Salem Health Online Cancer Reference   
    Coverage includes diseases, conditions, medications, procedures, specialists, social issues, personal coping tips, print and online academic resources, and support resources. Salem Health: Cancer:

    ·          arranges 835 essays on all aspects of cancer for all nonspecialist interest groups - from those who have been diagnosed to caregivers, family members, students, and readers with a general interest in health. The essays in this 4-volume set address:

    ·          diseases, conditions, symptoms, cancer-related syndromes, chemotherapy and other drugs and drug classes, cancer centers, genetics, the biology of cancer, medical specialties, tests, procedures, complimentary and alternative therapies, lifestyles, healthy and preventive strategies, and the many social and personal issues surrounding cancer, from cancer's impact on minority populations to personal finances, insurance, personal relationships, and emotional coping.

    Written by physicians, nurses, and professional medical writers whose credentials and degrees are clearly listed in the byline to every essay, this comprehensive reference publication will be of interest not only to public library patrons but also to premedical students and those building collections for the patient population.

    Salem History
    Salem History Online Reference
    Online database that includes the complete content of printed reference sets for the following topics: American History,Ancient History, Western Civilization/European History, Women’s History, World History
    • Milestone Documents - A new, primary source series
    • The Decades - Salem's critically acclaimed American history series
    • Great Lives from History - The definitive, worldwide biographical resource
    • Great Events from History - The complete resource for worldwide events
    • Historical Encyclopedia of American Business - A complete view of all aspects of American business
    • Musicians and Composers of the 20th Century - Biographical profiles of important figures in all genres of music
    • Great Athletes - 1,470 sports biographies
    • Weapons & Warfare - A historical view of the development of weapons and military tactics
    • American Immigration - An innovative approach to immigration history

    Great Athletes

    • Log in under Remote Access, click BOOKS and choose Great Athletes
    • Twelve volumes (plus index), 1,470 biographical essays,
    • Averaging three to four pages in length, articles are written in clear language and presented in a uniform, easily readable format.
    • Each article is divided into four sections that cover the athlete's life and achievements chronologically.
    • Each article concludes with a "Summary" recapitulating the athlete's achievements and legacy.
    • A photograph of the athlete accompanies each essay, and every article is accompanied by at least one table.
    • Tables summarize the career statistics, honors and awards, records, and other milestones.
    Royalty Free Music For Students
    Soundzabound Royalty Free Music supersedes Fair Use in that we fully license the music with unlimited rights for education and sign off that you are protected. Fair Use has limitations in use and states the you are liable should there be a claim. Soundzabound also provides the solutions for:
    • Education Approved Content in a searchable database
    • Artist branding rights not covered under Fair Use
    • User statistic reports
    • Web-based interface formatted for all your production purposes
    Eighties in America
    • Log in under Remote Access, click BOOKS and choose The Eighties in America
    • Offering three key elements in the study of history: Biography, History/Events and Source Documents.
    • 663 articles discuss people, books, films, television series, musical groups, and other important topics representative of that era.
    • Every entry focuses on the topic or person during the 1980's - for this work, defined as January 1, 1980, through December 31, 1989 - in order to explore what made the decade unique.
      Reagan, AIDS, the Challenger disaster, MTV, Yuppies, "Who Shot J.R.?" . . .
    • The Eighties in America examines the iconic personalities and moments of this pivotal decade.
    Salem Critical Survey of Poetry
    For the first time, the material in the Critical Survey of Poetry has been organized into five subsets by geography and essay type:
    • 4-volume subset on American Poets
    • 3-volume subset on British, Irish, and Commonwealth Poets
    • 3-volume subset on European Poets
    • 1-volume subset on World Poets
    • 2-volume subset of the Topical Essays
    • Cumulative Indexes  volume covering all five subsets


Last Modified on January 3, 2018