• Leadership, Experience, Opportunity

    The purpose of LEO Club is to give LMS students the chance to reach out and help people in their community. Leos works with the Lions on service projects in the community.
    The LEO Club has four officers, who are elected as soon as possible following the opening of the new school year.
    Meetings are held monthly. It is important to try to attend the meetings. If you cannot help but miss a meeting, it is important to see an officer or Mrs. Corrigan to find out what was missed at the meeting.

    2018-2019 Officers
    Thank you to all who ran for an office. Your speeches were outstanding. The results were so very close.

    The 2018-2019 Leo Club Officers:

    President- Julia Fellows
    Vice President-Brenna Paul
    Secretary- Samantha Skowronski
    Treasurer- Eva Horst and Andrew Brocato

Last Modified on December 13, 2019