• Girls Modified Volleyball 

    Tryout Info!! All practices will be held in the LMS gym

    **Players must attend every day (even Hybrid days)

    Monday, March 22: 2:30-4:00***(Pick-up time updated 3/18)

    Tuesday, March 23: 4:20-6pm

    Wednesday, March 24: 2:30-4:15**** (Updated 3/18)


    **The season schedule has not been released yet, the schedule will be posted ASAP

    **There are two modified teams (teams will be divided by Wednesday, the 24th

    **Black Team- Coach McNamara (kmcnamara@lancasterschools.org)

    **Red Team- Coach Koch (kkoch@lancasterschools.org)





    This program is available to all students in the seventh and eight grades. Sports activities offered are determined by the existence of leagues, student interest and the relationship to the high school program. At this level, the focus is on learning athletic skills and game rules, fundamentals of team play, socio-emotional growth, physiologically appropriate demands on the adolescent body, and healthy competition.

    At the modified level, the number of teams and size of the squad in any sport will be determined by the availability of financial resources, qualified coaches, suitable facilities and a safe environment.

    Practice sessions are vital in order for the desired development of the adolescent athlete and team to occur. Regulations governing practice sessions are published by the New York State Public High School Association and must be adhered to in order to insure the safety of all concerned. Opportunities for meaningful contest participation for each individual will exist over the course of a season.

Last Modified on March 18, 2021