Welcome to 6th grade health education!

    This class is a 1/2 year course.
    Students will be receiving intermediate (middle school credit) for this course!

    Please use my Google Classroom to view lessons, videos, slideshows, homework, and assessments.

    The students will be recieving 3 lessons per week, whether they are in school or remote. The students need to complete each lesson on their scheduled health ed. days and pay attention to due dates for assigned work.  It is also their responsibilty to take attendance for each health class using the "Attendance Google Form" through the health education Google Classroom.

    Allgaier: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

    Parks: Monday, Thursday, Friday

    Behlmaier: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

    Pagano: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

    Krauss: Monday, Tuesday, Friday

    Cole: Monday, Thursday, Friday

    Litz: Monday, Tuesday, Friday

    Wiedeman: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday


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