• Welcome to Fourth Grade Band

    with Ms. Marino!


    Greetings! It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I welcome you to the Lancaster Central School District's Band Program! I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with students for 22 years now. This year will be my 20th year teaching students in the Lancaster Central School District. 

    I am the director of two (of William Street School's three) fourth grade bands. Being a music teacher is something I thoroughly enjoy, it has been a passion of mine since the early age of six. I am happy to be of service to my students and I am looking forward to getting to know each child individually and introducing them to the love of playing a musical instrument!

    There are eight music teachers at WSS. The best way to contact me is to contact me directly through email at amarino@lancasterschools.org. You will hear from me within 2 school days, however I always try to respond the same day. Throughout the year, if your child has a question or is in need of something, please have them stop by to see me. First thing in the morning is the best time. However, students are welcome to see me any day and time throughout the week. Students do not need to wait until their weekly lesson to see me or to ask questions. I am always happy to see my students and to help them with whatever they may need.

    I welcome you to visit the pages on my website as there is a wealth of important information for you and there are also answers for many common questions .

    I'm looking forward to working with your child. It's going to be a wonderful year!

    January update: Happy New Year to you and your family! The students are very excited as the 4th grade large ensembles will begin the week of January 13th. Students are required to bring their instrument, book, band folder and a pencil. I recommend that students keep a pencil inside their instrument case so that they always have it on hand without needing to think about it each week. Red Band will take place every Wednesday from 1:40-2:30pm and will rotate rehearsing in the band room and on the stage every other week. Green Band will take place every Thursday from 1:40-2:30pm and will rehearse in the band room each week. If you are unsure which band your child has been placed in, I typed the name of every child's band on the label on their band folder. Band rehearsals will continue every week throughout the remainder of the school year. Students will now come down twice a week, once for their lesson and once for band rehearsals. If a student is unprepared they are still required to attend as they will learn the new skills the band will be working on for that rehearsal. Once the Spring concert dates are established, I will share the update. I'm hopeful that the music department will have these dates worked out within the next week so I can announce our concert date at our first rehearsal. I'm proud of the students! Learning to play an instrument is a process which requires patience, dedication and it is a process that cannot be rushed. The students have been working on developing their individual skills to now learn how to play in a large ensemble. This will be a very exciting time for the students and will stretch their growth to a new level. I look forward to beginning band rehearsals and to seeing your child twice every week. I am now introducing the students to the metronome and teaching them how to practice with one. Many free metronomes are available online. Simply type metronome in the seach box and a variety will come up. Practicing with a metronome will enable each child to feel well prepared for band rehearsal as they now have to play at an established tempo, not rushing or slowing down. Wishing each and every family a joyous, prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year!

Last Modified on January 3, 2020