• Mr. Bajak's Homepage

     Google classroom begins Monday, 3/30   All students will be invited to their classes.  Just click on the join button from google classroom.

    If you were not invited to these special area classes, here are their classroom codes for Bajak's homeroom:

    Mr Krempa's classroom code is g7277y9

    6th Grade chorus classroom code is en2y2h4

    Mrs. DiMarco's classroom code is t3vmm6c

    Miss Meides's 6th grade orchestra classroom code is hjqoybd


     The best way to contact Mr. Bajak is through email (mbajak@lancasterschools.org)

    You can also leave a message for Mr. Bajak Dial 716-686-3800 ext 6236 All calls go directly to voicemail during the school day. Call the main office if you need an immediate response or have an emergency.
Last Modified on March 27, 2020