• Welcome to Our 5th Grade Team!

    Mrs. Riggio, Mrs. Vrana, Mrs. Gerstung,  and Mr. Grupka


    Everyone will need a silent reading book every day!

    Everyone also needs pencils- every day!

    Lockers have been assigned for our class! Your names are over your lockers. Feel free to store your materials and your boxes of tissues in your locker. Use your lock. We are in room C-143, our lockers are near the Music rooms.

    Our schedule is posted online, but it may have slight changes by the start of the school year.

    If any parents or students feel the need to practice Grammar, Reading, or math skills, IXL is set up for you!

    In February and March we were working on LL3 and LL8 Irregular Verbs. Many students need to complete these.

    We will be on to reviewing idioms with CC3 and CC4.

    It is Poetry Month! so students may want to impress their parents with L1 and L2!

    If you're looking to the future, after verbs, I'll assign MM1 and MM2, Adjectives. Don't forget that Schoolhouse Rock is on that Youtube machine of which you are all so fond.


Last Modified on March 19, 2020