• Welcome to Art with Mrs. Chambers


     Students in my 5th grade art classes will have the opportunity to learn about and apply the elements and principles of art, learn about artists and their styles, utilize creative problem solving skills, create art using a variety of media, and express their ideas in a meaningful way.

    My curriculum aligns with the National Art Standards:  Creation, Perception, Interpretation, Relation, Reflection and Connection. 

    Students are graded using a performance based rubric. The four categories of Concepts, Skill, Idea and Effort are used to assess the children's progress in art. The students are given a score of 1-4 for each category. 1 = practice is needed in that particular category and 4 = mastery has been achieved in that area. Please visit the Art Department page and click Art Assessment for a more detailed explanation.

    This year marks my 24th year in the district  and my 16th year at WSS. I am so excited for the upcoming 2021/22 school year and look forward to teaching your child this year.



    If you need to get in contact with me the best way is via e-mail.


    Contact me at: achambers@lancasterschools.org

    School phone number: (716) 686-6240

Last Modified on September 23, 2021