• Please see your child's Google Classroom for Argumentative Writing & Debate when they are enrolled in this 10-week (1 marking period) class for Grade 6.

    You can contact Ms. Alfano by sending an email (galfano@lancasterschools.org)

    Access the Parent Portal.

    Course Description:

    • Monday – Friday: 45-minute sessions
    • No homework (unless to catch-up)
    • No major tests; only quizzes (each worth 2x)
    • 1 major writing assignment (worth 2x)
    • Several smaller assignments (each worth 1x)

    Main Learning Goals

    • Defend an opinion (claim) with factual evidence.
    • Learn & improve argumentative writing skills.

    Oral Debate

    • Students will produce a written script of an oral debate speech, which is the major writing piece of this course.
    • They will engage in brief oral debate throughout this course and in a major one at the end of this course, using the script they write.  
    • Students are asked to practice and rehearse for this both in class and at home when possible.

    Example Topics

    • Elementary schools should no longer teach cursive writing. 
    • All students should be required to learn a musical instrument before they leave high school. 
    • Unhealthy food should not be permitted in schools.
    • Violent video games should be banned.


    • Whether due to illness or vacation, absent students will be able to access materials connected to each day’s lesson and assignments through our Google Class.  Start with the CLASSWORK tab.


    • Students should look for quiz announcements, and other important postings, in Google Classroom.  Start with the STREAM.  


    • Most assignments and quizzes are in Google Classroom, which is where the grades for these assignments will also be posted.  Look for VIEW MY WORK.
Last Modified on September 18, 2023