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    Fifth Grade!



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  • Grading Policy


    5th Grade

    William Street School’s Grade Conversions:

    97-100             A+

    93-96               A

    92                    A-

    88-91               B+

    87-90               B

    83-86               B-

    80-82               C+

    75-79               C

    71-74               C-

    65-70               D

    64                    F


    • Report card grades will be based on the weighted point averages of tests, quizzes, projects, and assignments. Homework is generally not graded, but is reviewed. Children will earn a homework completion grade only. If an assignment will be graded, it will be noted in agenda.
    • Students who receive failing grades due to lack of understanding will be remediated and retested. Students who receive failing grades due to lack of preparation or excessive absenteeism will need to meet with teacher to devise a plan to improve study habits and/or catch up on missed assignments.
    • Students will receive rubrics when assigned projects and/or written pieces so that they know, in advance, how it will be scored.
    • All unit tests need to be corrected by the student, and then signed by a parent. This is to keep parents apprised of their child’s progress.
    • Parents will be notified of all long-term assignments through the agenda planner, notices, homework link, and/or Remind 101. Most, if not all, long-term assignments will have ample time allotted for completion in class.
    • All grades will be uploaded to the Parent Portal in a timely manner, so you can be apprised of student progress.


  • Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s 5th Grade Homework Policy


    I believe that homework is an integral part of education. It provides the necessary repetition of skills learned in the classroom to help students master the subject material. It also helps children schedule their time and organize materials. Your children will have 40-50 minutes of homework Monday – Thursday.


    Reading: It is my expectation that students read at least 20 minutes each night, through weekends and holidays. They may select to read whatever interests them. My goal is to help foster a love of reading in each of my students. (20 minutes of homework)



    Social Studies: Students will not routinely receive homework in social studies. Occasionally, they may be asked to glue in pages to their notebooks, and they will obviously need to study before tests and quizzes. (0-20 minutes of homework)


    At the end of each day, students will be given time to copy homework into their daily agenda planner. Upcoming quizzes and tests will be recorded here, as well as homework to be done.  If a child misses a homework assignment, that assignment will be highlighted on the planner page. Agendas and take-home folders are expected to go home every night. I ask that parents “eyeball” agendas and take-home folders each night, and clear out the “Keep at Home” side. I generally don’t grade homework, but will write that an assignment is graded on the agenda board. 


    Tests and Quizzes:  Although student grades are easily accessed through parent portal, I generally require tests and quizzes be corrected by the student and then signed by a parent. This way, you can see not only the grade, but the types of mistakes made by your child.


    If at any time you have questions or concerns about the amount/degree of difficulty of work brought home by your child, please contact me! Chances are that there was a miscommunication, or perhaps your child didn’t complete the work in class in the allotted amount of time. Either way, let’s have a conversation about it.


Last Modified on March 30, 2020