• Welcome to Mrs. Vullo's Kindergarten

    Dear Parents,

              It is my pleasure to welcome both you and your child to Hillview’s Kindergarten program!  I am looking forward to all the new activities the upcoming year will bring and sincerely hope that our year together will be a rewarding and profitable one.

              Kindergarten is a “place to grow,” a place to gain many new and different experiences.  It should be one of the busiest, happiest and friendliest places your child has visited. The adjustment to Kindergarten can be a difficult process for some; but working together, we can make the bridge between home and school easier for your child to cross.  With your cooperation, this can be a very exciting and successful experience for all!

              Throughout the school year, I will be sending notes to you explaining what we are doing in Kindergarten.  We hope that you might carry on the ideas or themes we present to your child.  For the first few weeks, we will work on the idea that your child is a very special and unique individual.

              At this time I would like to invite you and your child to come and see our room ( Room 7) before school starts!  Please meet me on Supply Drop Off Day. Please bring in your child’s supplies at this time as well!

    Thank you very much for your cooperation.  I am looking forward to meeting both you and your child.  Enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer!

    Your partner in education,

    Mrs. Beth Vullo and the Kindergarten Team