• Welcome to First Grade!
    Room 13
    Mrs. Lima
    716-686-3280 ext 4413

  • All About Your Class

    Check Out Who is in Your Class

    1. Charlotte

    2. Cruz

    3. Madison

    4. Reese

    5. Elise

    6. Noah

    7. Cameron

    8. Carter

    9. Parker

    10. Sophia

    11. Andrew

    12. Kashmir

    13. Paisley

    14. Tanner

    15. Logan

    16. Ella

    17. Tyler

    18. Cora

    19. Kennedy


    Can You Answer This?

    Now that you've seen who is in your class...try to answer some of these questions.

    1.  How many students are in our class?
    2. What room number is your classroom?
    3.  What is your teacher's name?
    4.  Can you spell it?
    See you soon!

    School Supply List

    Hillview Elementary School
    First Grade Supply List
    Mrs. Lima
    1. 1 bottle of glue
    2. 20 glue sticks or more
    3. 4 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons
    4. 24 sharpened #2 pencils (Ticonderoga work the best)
    5. 2 boxes of 8 classic colored Crayola washable markers
    6. 2 black sharpies
    7. 1 large eraser
    8. 2 large boxes of tissues
    9. 1 pair of metal Fiskars scissors
    10. One 200 page composition notebook
    11. 1 colorful pocket folder with pockets at the bottom
    12. 4 or more bold colored odorless Expo dry erase markers
    13. 1 box of Zip-loc bags

    Last Name:

    A-M Gallon sized

    N-Z Sandwich sized

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer (last name A-M)

     1 container of Clorox  wipes (last name N-Z)

     Headphones (over the head works best)


    For Art:

    1 art smock or old large t-shirt

    1 folder

    2 large glue sticks


    The Summer Reading Challenge:

    If you did not receive this please call 686-3280 to get a copy.

    Welcome throughout the year!! 

    -craft supplies 


     -glue sticks

    -colored pencils

    -dry erase markers

    -antibacterial wipes or gel

    -paper plates, spoons, forks

    -paper towels


    For Art

    1 folder
    2 large glue sticks

    Please label your child’s supplies 

    A hand held pencil sharpener for your supply box is a great idea too!

    Homework Policy

    This is the weekly homework.
    Check your child's planner for additional assignments.
    • Read
    • Math
    • Spelling
    • Read
    • Math
    • Spelling
    • Read
    • Math
    • Spelling*
    *Spelling Books are due back on Thursday morning.
    • Read
    • Math
    • Study for Spelling Test
    • Read and Color Poetry
    When are our special classes?
    Art: Monday and Thursday
    Physical Education: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
    Music: Wednesday and Friday
    Library Class: Wednesday
    Library Book Exchange: Tuesday

    Contact Information

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
    School Phone Number:  686-3280 ext 4413
    Refer to the paper copy of the monthly newsletter to call me at home.
    Or...send a note with your child to school.