• Lancaster Central School District
    John A. Sciole Elementary

    Building Planning Team

    Building Level Planning Team (BPT)

    With a goal of creating a “results-oriented,” standards-based building, members of the school community participate in John A. Sciole's Building Planning Team (BPT).
    Each school building will have its own BPT responsible for making decisions and supporting initiatives within its school.
    Student achievement is the driving force behind all team decisions.
    Based upon the needs of the building, membership may include other stakeholders, i.e., students, support staff, community members and Board of Education members.
    Selection and replacement of team members should reflect a democratic process by involving their individual constituency.
    Agendas operational procedures and meeting dates shall be the function of the Building Planning Teams and should be scheduled to accommodate the needs of all stakeholders.
    Decisions should be made by consensus whenever possible.
    Trained team members are essential for effective team operation. Members are expected to participate in ongoing skill development.
    Teams should design and implement effective communication channels.
    District level planning should include input from BPT’s. Once any plan is adopted by the district, it should become a framework for the individual building goals.

Last Modified on September 28, 2020