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    Art Club, formed in 1963, is a group of students with many talents. Club members meet once each week and on occasional Saturdays. It is a great place to meet other students with similar interests. The club has been very active in the community volunteering, working on art shows and creating decorations for special events. The students are also offered open studio time where club members can work together on collaborative projects. Every year the Art Club takes a major field trip to further its understanding of art. The club welcomes all ofLancaster’s talented art students. See Ms. Uhteg for information


    The Art Honor Society is an organization dedicated to raising the awareness of the visual arts in the school, community and within ourselves. Activities include field trips to area cultural events and museums, gallery visits, member’s shows, community projects, workshops and Art Alive at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. 


    BLOCK “L”

    Block “L” isLancaster’s Varsity Letter Club. Enrollment is automatic following the student athlete being awarded a Varsity Letter. Activities include Students Mixing Athletics and Reading Together (SMART), Spirit Bowl S.O.A.R (Special Olympians as Redskins) ; Faculty Dodge Ball, Carnation Sale, Student Athlete Breakfast, and various fundraisers. Block “L” is dedicated to the development of student leaders on and off the field. Advisor: Miss Ambrose




    The Broadcast Club allows students to gain public speaking experience through various opportunities. The club’s primary focus is public address announcing at LHS sports events. The long-term goal of the club is to provide live on-air opportunities. Prior experience is not required for participation.
    Advisor: Mr. Gross



    Production of the LHS Cayugan requires time, effort, creativity, talent and dedication. If you are interested in photography, graphic design, organization or typing computer work, the Cayugan needs you. Put your ideas into any of these sections: Seniors, Underclassmen, Activities, Sports, Faculty & Staff and Patrons. Be a part of remembering your high school years. Join the Cayugan staff. Work from September to June is steady. Join by coming to the first meeting in the fall. 



    The club’s main goal is to foster the growth of personal chess playing skills and strategies. The club meets once weekly for matches between members. Periodic tournaments will be scheduled throughout the year. Additional strategic games will be played occasionally. New members are welcome all year long. Advisor: Mr. Trapper



    For an exciting and fun way to enjoyBuffalo’s seasons, join the Cross Country Ski and Outdoor Adventure Club. We plan to go to Byrncliff Ski Resort and Lodge a few times during the winter. Other outdoor experiences during the fall and spring will include hiking and whitewater rafting. If you like to indulge in great outdoor fun, join us! Advisor: Mr. Pleban



    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

    As a co-curricular organization, students taking marketing or a business course have the opportunity to join. Students compete at regional, state and national levels in over 30 business areas to win scholarships and cash awards.



    Students will explore various design and compositional techniques and concepts through hands-on work as well as computer programs and software. Field trips will be planned to enhance their knowledge and awareness of the field of design and how it relates to the world around us. Students will get involved with community design projects as well as their own personal artwork, and participate in fundraisers as needed. 



    Downhill Ski & Snowboard Club is a great way to add some excitement to those drab winter months by getting out on the slopes of one ofWestern New York’s premier ski resorts for some skiing or snowboarding. Whether you are already a self-proclaimed pro of the mountain or you just want to learn, there is something for everyone. The club hits the slopes once a week for eight weeks. In addition to the eight nights of fun, the package includes eight night’s transportation by Grand Tours Motor Coach, and eight one-hour lessons, so that you can fine tune your style or just start from the ground up. Visit the activities page on theLancasterHigh Schoolwebsite for more information. Sign-ups are in early October. 




    The English Honor Society is a club for students that have a love for literature, writing, poetry, and exploring the area of English Language Arts. This will be offered to students in their sophomore through senior years of high school. EHS will involve top students in academically and culturally enriching experiences. Some activities will include book talks, the study of theatre, writing compositions, as well as attending performances at a variety of theatres within the community and city ofBuffalo. The English Honor Society will essentially provide a network of students who share an enthusiasm toward the study of literature. Meetings are held monthly. 



    This is an organization designed for students of foreign languages to promote multicultural awareness and appreciation. Members will broaden their cultural horizons with activities, competitions, social events, multimedia presentations, field trips and just plain fun. If you are interested in opening your mind and heart to the world we live in, look for announcements in school or contact an adviser. Advisors: Ms. Aungst, Mrs. Grahnart-Mullen, Ms. Dubussion.



    Students who excel in their foreign language studies may be nominated and inducted into the National German Honor Society, the National French Honor Society or the National Spanish Honor Society annually. A student must be enrolled in a level 2 language class, achieve a 90 average over 6 consecutive quarters and receive good recommendations from the Foreign Language Department. The Honor Societies are designed to promote scholarship and service for all students. 



    All Freshmen are invited and encouraged to participate in Freshman Class activities throughout the year. The Freshman Class participates in many activities throughout the year including Lancaster/Depew Week, Christmas tree decoration and Spring Spirit Week. The class also holds an annual fundraising event to provide funds for the class account, come get involved. Advisor: Mrs. Teichmann




    Interact is a club for teens 13-18 years of age. It is a program where students can learn the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity. It is through service learning projects that students then learn their own potential skills of self-governance and self-support. Other components of this club include a monthly book club, movie nights and other various field trips. We also participate in the “Kid’s Night Out” program throughout the school year. New members are encouraged to join any time throughout the year. Advisor: Mrs. Fisher


    The Jazz Ensemble is a select group of students who enjoy learning how to play jazz, rock and improvised solos. All types of music are performed from old standards to modern rock music. The ensemble performs at various festivals, and at school and community activities. A September audition is required. Click for club website.



    The primary function of the Journalism Club will be to produce and publish the school newspaper throughout the year. This club is available to all grade levels. Students do not need to have taken any journalism courses to be involved. Advisor: Mr. Gross, Room 222.



    The Junior Class spends time doing community service and raising money for their Senior year. Juniors sponsor various fundraisers throughout the year including take-out chicken dinners, the Powder Puff Football Game, and two dances. The Junior Class is led by a Board which is elected at the end of May each year. Advisor: Mrs. Eberhart



    The Krazee Kraft Club is a club where you can come and show your creativity through various crafts. In the past we have made necklaces, knitted, carved foam pumpkins, and, to wrap up the year, Runts clocks. The Krazee Kraft Club is a fun club where you will meet new people and will give you crafts that will bring back fun memories. Click for club website.




    The LEO Club is an organization that provides the opportunity for young adults to develop leadership abilities through organized and productive service activities. The LEO Club works in cooperation with the Lancaster Lions Club to help its members grow in leadership abilities, recognize and respond to opportunities and learn from experience. Advisor: Mr. Herrscher




    The Marching Redskins have a long tradition of excellence and are considered one of the finest programs inWestern New York. Students practice and prepare both music and marching for many hours, beginning with weekly rehearsals in July and a two week “Band Camp” in August. The hours of preparation lead to exciting performances at home football games, college football games, and local parades. The bulk of our energy is focused on Fall Field Band competitions at area high schools, culminating with championship Sunday at the Syracuse Carrier Dome.

    Additionally, the Marching Redskins go on tour annually, representingLancasteras “musical ambassadors”. Recent trips have taken the band to Atlanta, Knoxville, Jacksonville,FL for the Gator Bowl, Disney World, The Indy 500, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington,D.C. 



    MASTERMINDS is a highly competitive academic quiz bowl group. We travel to other local high schools for our matches and practice weekly throughout the year. Our organization recognizes students of extraordinary academic ability and is very selective. A maximum of ten to twelve students are chosen for the team from varying grade levels. Practices begin in October. Watch the television announcements for further information. 



    The purpose of the Math Honor Society is to encourage scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Members must be enrolled in a math class and have completed three semesters of math. They must have a 92% overall average in math and an 85% cumulative average. All prospective candidates will submit applications in May. All chosen candidates will be inducted in November of the following school year.

    All members must adhere to the Lancaster High School Code of Conduct (as defined in the student planner). Math Honor Society members must complete 40 in-service hours for the school year. These hours include, but are not limited to, community service projects sponsored by our society, Math Honor Society meetings (approximately 10), and exclusive Math Honor Society events. 


    Model United Nations is an academic organization. Every year students compete at Model UN conferences which are held at universities and colleges. In preparation for this, students research, discuss and debate relative issues regarding their assigned country and UN committee selections receive academic recognition for their participation at the conference. The first meeting is held in September. 



    The purpose of the National Honor Society is to encourage scholarship, service, leadership and character. All four of these criteria must be met in order to be selected. Members are inducted from the Sophomore and Junior classes in the spring. Eligibility requires an 89.5% cumulative overall average. Participation in school activities, community service, leadership and character approval by faculty and administration are also required. The Honor Society’s major activities are raising money for local charities, a drive for theLancasterFood Pantry, Habitat for Humanity, and the Annual Academic Recognition Program. Advisor: Mrs. Skowron



    Peer Mediation is an organization dedicated to solving various student problems in a positive, non-threatening way. Without judging or taking sides, Peer Mediators help students develop mutual respect and clear communication skills. They are specially trained students who help others resolve their particular conflict. Request forms are available in the main office, counseling center or room 103 and should be returned to Mrs. Falk. Requests can also be e-mailed to Mrs. Falk with the names and grades of the students involved along with a brief description of the problem. 


    The LHS Performing Arts Society is an organization that gives students experience in many different aspects of the theatre. In addition to the opportunity to appear on stage as a member of the cast or ensemble, it also includes the opportunity to gain experience in the areas of singing, dancing, performing in a pit orchestra, stage lighting, scenery construction, stage make-up or even as an usher, box office worker or concession stand worker! The group’s major project of the year is a musical, but it has sponsored variety shows and some dramatic presentations. Membership eligibility is based on participation in PAS activities, but auditions for all projects are open to all LHS students in grades 9-12. 


    Quill provides an opportunity for students to have writing published at the high school in a professional looking anthology. Students work to solicit written materials that are either submitted through teachers or to a collection box located in theLibraryMediaCenter. Members then work through the editing process for reading, reviewing and selecting submissions. The poems, essays or short stories are then prepared for publication. Proofreading, printing, collating and binding are the steps the students work through to have a finished product. This is an opportunity for students to share their creative efforts with others. 


    SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. Our focus is to prevent underage drinking, drug use, violence and suicide. SADD sponsors a week of activities in the spring to encourage students to participate in activities that promote our message. Most activities are held during lunch. In the past, we have sponsored B.Y.O.B. (bring your own banana), where students were given a free sundae if they brought in a banana, don’t be a Dum Dum, and a prize giveaway to students who pledge not to make destructive decisions. The week culminates with the Battle of the Bands, featuring student bands competing for free studio time. We invite you to join us and would love to have your support! 


    This is an organization that recognizes community service minded students who have an interest and ability in science. The SHS calendar includes science-related activities, community service projects, recycling, and participation in events sponsored by the Student Union. 

    The Science Olympiad is an organization for students interested in exploring various areas of science, engineering, and technology. Students participate as a team in Regional competitions against schools throughoutWestern New Yorkin February. The top teams from the area travel toWest Point,NYto compete at the State Level in March of each year. Events are divided into three general areas: academic, laboratory, and constructions. Academic events may include topics within areas of astronomy, cell biology, fossils, or chemistry. Practical applications and hands-on experiments comprise portions of the laboratory events. Those interested in building structures, aeronautics, or electronics will enjoy the constructions. Students interested should regularly attend general meetings and training sessions throughout the year. All grade levels are eligible. 



    The Senior Class Executive Board leads the Senior Class. The Executive Board is elected in May of their Junior year. Each board member must take one of the Leadership in Action courses their Senior year and set a positive, cooperative attitude for a rich rewarding school year. Throughout the school year the Senior Class sponsors many functions such as Homecoming, Senior Prom, Bald 4 Bucks, Bloodmobiles, Senior Sweatshirts, Senior Day and Breakfast, as well as other events. 

    For the first semester of each school year, Show Choir is a song and dance ensemble accompanied by an instrumental combo. It is made up of 12 singers/dancers, and 3 instrumentalists from grades 9-12. During the first semester, their major project is a Holiday Show that travels to various locations to perform. Audition times will be announced early in the school year and will consist of singing a ‘pop’ or show tune, and a ‘movement’ audition. After the school musical in early February, second semester auditions will be held forThe LHS Vocal Jazz Ensemble.Auditions for Vocal Jazz will consist of singing a ‘pop’ or show tune.The Vocal Jazz Ensemble will give several performances during the spring semester. 


    The Sophomore Class is led by a group of actively involved students who are enthusiastic about leading their class. Leadership status is awarded according to the number of hours spent working on class projects. Meetings are open to all sophomores. Class projects include Lancaster/Depew week and several other fundraisers. Advisor: Mrs. Skowron


    The LHS Stage Crew is a group of students who enjoy work in the technical aspects of theatre. Members provide lighting, sound and special effects for all stage productions, concerts, assembly programs and other events held on the LHS stage. Interested students will be invited to attend an introductory meeting in September of each school year where they can sign up to become a member of the LHS Stage Crew. New members will be trained on stage equipment by the advisor and stage crew chief. Stage Crew involvement is for the entire school year. 



    The Steel Band, or more officially, “The Carnival Kids Steel Orchestra”, is one of Lancaster’s most unique musical organizations. Founded in 1974 by former Lancaster teachers John Marone and Elli Mannette, the inventor of the steel drum (or “pan”), our CKSO is the third oldest steel band in the United States.
    The group has performed in Trinidad, Hawaii, and the Bahamasas well as being featured locally on TV, in concert and even has three CD’s to its credit. The group performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2004 and 2009, on a RCCL Cruise Ship (2006) and with the University of Delaware(2007). Students are selected following an audition at the Middle School. 



    This organization is designed for anyone and everyone interested in making a positive impact on their own lives as well as the lives of all members of the greater community. Group members will work with this service based club to help those less fortunate than themselves. Activities range from organizing fund raisers for charity, inviting guest speakers to come and discuss relevant student and world issues with the entire LHS community, and initiating fun and educational days throughout the school year for their peers. Finally, in addition to the selfless creed upon which this organization was formed, members will have a valuable addition to their college essays and applications. Participation in this club will prove to be an experience unlike that of any other, and whose positive impact will last a lifetime. Advisor: Mr. Efthemis


    The Student Union is the student government organization designed to serve the entire student body. It is composed of elected representatives from grades 9-12 and one representative from every active student organization.

    The Student Union generates school spirit, pride and participation by sponsoring many activities throughout the entire school year. Some examples of Student Union sponsored activities include: numerous Lancaster/ Depew Week events (bonfire & spirit assemblies), the Freshman Mixer, the Annual Courtyard Dance, and Spring Spirit Week.

    If you are interested in becoming involved in school activities and functions, Student Union is the organization for you! Election information will become available in September. Remember, you are welcome to participate in Student Union sponsored events even if you do not become elected. You can become involved in various Student Union committees such as SSAC (Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council) and BPT (Building Planning Team).


    The following officers were elected last May for the 2011-2012 school year.

    President: Adam Milton
    Vice President: Gabby Cumbo
    Corresponding Secretary: Haley Witt
    Recording Secretary: Alec Blunt
    Treasurer: Fred Kintzel


    The Student Union is eagerly waiting for you to join the LHS student body. We hope you decide to bring with you new ideas and a lot of enthusiasm.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any officer or the Student Union Advisor in Room 225B.
    The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SSAC) has 15 members: the Student Union President, four seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, one freshman, and fourLancasterMiddle Schoolstudents. The council meets with the Superintendent of Lancaster Schools, along with High School and Middle School principals and District Office employees monthly to discuss student, school, and district related issues. Candidates are elected by the members of the Student Union at the first Student Union meeting in October. If you are interested in representing the student body on the SSAC Committee, please contact any of the Student Union Officers or the Student Union Advisor in room 225B.
    Click for club website.



    In 2007, the Web Design Club was reborn as the Student Consultant Computer Club (SC3). Students interested in serving our school community by learning and teaching with computers should consider joining. Meeting topics include interactive boards, webpage design and new technologies. Students then offer their expertise to teachers, students and activities. Meetings are held once a month. 


    Z CLUB

    Z Club is an international community service organization that provides goods and services to the member’s community. The Zonta Club of Cheektowaga-Lancaster sponsors our Z Club. The members of Z Club are involved with such projects as Kid’s Night Out (activity night for elementary children K-3), Christmas tree decorating, clothing drives, fundraisers, and many other activities. Money raised is donated to local charities, such as Haven House, Juvenile Diabetes, Make-A-Wish as well as international organizations such as Heifer International and Miracle Garden. Advisor: Mrs. Fisher