Overview & Objectives: 

    The English Honor Society (EHS at LHS) is a club for students that possess a love of literature, poetry, music, art, performance arts, film, creative and analytical writing, and exploring all aspects of English Language Arts.  The membership honor for this club will be offered, via application approval, to all interested and eligible students towards the end of their sophomore and/or junior years, and lasting through their senior year of high school for any that remain in good standing.  EHS will involve top ELA students in academically and culturally enriching experiences, as well as fundraising and community service.  Activities may include book clubs, book talks, the study of theatre, shared creative writing, and attending live performances at a variety of theatres within the Lancaster community, the City of Buffalo, and around Western New York.  The English Honor Society will essentially provide a network of students who share an enthusiasm for the study of literature and literary endeavors.



    An anticipated annual schedule for 8-12 meetings, with 8-9 monthly general membership meetings, will be posted in September.  Meetings are held monthly from September through May from 2:30-3:00/3:10pm via Google Meet until further notice (or Room #214 once possible).  Officers are to attend from 2:20-3:20 as available.  Additional activity meetings, fundraising events, volunteer experiences, and special events are held as appropriate, or as opportunities arise.  All meetings are subject to cancellation and/or change at the discretion of the advisor.



    EHS Club announcements, meeting dates, & club updates will be communicated directly to members via Google Classroom;


    English Honor Society 2020-21 ADVISOR:

    Mr. Hultgren (Room #214)


    English Honor Society 2020-21 SENIOR OFFICERS :)

    President= Lauren M.

    Vice President= Anna P.


    English Honor Society 2020-21 JUNIOR OFFICERS :)

    Treasurer= Bridget B.

    Secretary= Ava L.

    Jr. Seargant-At-Arms= Gavin I.

    Student Union EHS Representative= Tessa S.


    Attendance/Meetings Note:

    If you need to be EXCUSED from a meeting, please be sure to notify Mr. Hultgren IN ADVANCE via email (cc Ava L. our secretary).  Many students have lost, or are close to losing their position as an Active Member in Good Standing, as they have accrued 2-3 unexcused absences (ONLY 1 permitted).  Others have only one or two Attendance Credits of the required 5 to remain in good standing!  There are only 3 meetings left this year, each on the third Wednesday of each month, 3/17, 4/21, & 5/19 from 2:30-3:00/3:10pm; OFFICERS begin at 2:20, and stay for 10 minutes after the meeting closes.


    Membership Application Note:

    The English Honor Society Club (EHS at LHS) is opening up our normal application process for Sophomores and Juniors for the 2021-22 school year.  The window will last about two weeks, from 3/15/21-3/31/21.  Applications will be reviewed in April, and new members will receive notification of membership by early May, so they can attend our last meeting of the year on May 19th, 2021 to meet other members, observe, and decide whether to accept membership for 2021-22.  New members will also be invited to join our Google Classroom account which we use for all communication & updates.  The induction & certificate ceremony will be held at our second meeting in mid-late October 2021, Date TBD. Go to the Application Page for further information.