Overview, Purpose, & Objectives: 

         The English Honor Society (EHS at LHS) is a club for students that possess a love of literature, poetry, art, film, music, performance arts, creative and analytical writing, and exploring all aspects of English Language Arts.  The membership honor for this club is offered annually in the early Spring Semester to all interested and eligible sophomores and juniors, via application approval and official invitation.  Membership lasts through senior year of high school for any that maintain an "Active Member in Good Standing Status".  The English Honor Society will involve top ELA students in academically and culturally enriching experiences, as well as fundraising and community service.  Activities may include book clubs, book talks, the study of theatre, shared creative writing, and attending live performances at a variety of theatres within the Lancaster community, the City of Buffalo, and around Western New York.  The English Honor Society will essentially provide a network of students who share an enthusiasm for the study of literature and literary endeavors.  We are also currently in the process of seeking National English Honor Society Chapter affiliation/recognition, and should likely complete the process and transition during/by the end of the 2022-23 school year.


    New Member Invitation & Application:

         Membership in the EHS at LHS local chapter is an honor bestowed on a student via invitation and application submission. The English Honor Society Club (EHS at LHS) invites new applications for membership from eligible Sophomores and Juniors, annually in early January near the end of Q2 each year.  COMPLETE applications are submitted and reviewed in early January, and new members receive notification of prospective pledge membership in time to attend our mid-late January meeting.  At this meeting, pledge members will observe, meet other members, and decide whether to accept membership.  They will need to follow up by submitting grade transcripts for verification in early February, and then will be invited to join our Google Classroom account, which we use for all communication & updates.

         We will provisionally vote in those who complete the pledge process and are present at the start of our February General Membership Meeting.  These provisional members will have full active membership status and responsibilities for the 2nd semester.  A brief New Member Induction & Certificate Ceremony will accompany our Senior Honor Graduation Cord & End of Year Celebration at our last meeting in mid-late May.  Local dues ($10) for full year membership will be collected annually at our 1st EHS at LHS Mandatory Organizational Meeting in mid September (Date TBD), or by October 1st of each year.  It appears that we will be joining the National English Honor Society as an official chapter member organization beginning in January of 2023.  Every Spring, new members will be encouraged, but not required, to take advantage of this opportunity by individually submitting a one time $15 NEHS registration fee and application. Go to the Application Page for further information on our application process.



         An anticipated annual schedule for 8-10 monthly general membership meetings will be posted annually in late August or the first days of September.  EHS at LHS Meetings are generally held from 2:30-3:00/3:10pm in either room #122 or room #214, on the second or third Wednesday of every month, from September through May (Both TBD for 2022-23).  Officers are expected to attend from 2:20-3:20 as available.  Additional club activity meetings, fundraising events, volunteer experiences, and special events are held as appropriate, or as opportunities arise.  All meetings are subject to cancellation and/or change at the discretion of the advisor.



         EHS members are 100% EXPECTED to check our Google Classroom account on a WEEKLY basis from early September through May, to look for announcements, club activity updates, schedule changes, and extra Attendance Credit (club sponsored community service, fundraising, and LHS volunteer) opportunities.  Members should also check in at least once per month in late June and late August to look for possibile updates/notifications.


    Meetings/Attendance Credits & "Active Member in Good Standing" Reminder:

         If you need to be EXCUSED from a meeting, please be sure to notify Mr. Hultgren IN ADVANCE via email, or within 24 hours if a sudden emergency situation or last minute conflict unexpectedly arises (Also, be sure to CC the club Secretary);  Members will lose "Active Membership Status" and eligiblity for club experiences (graduation cords, parties, references, etc...), if they do not make at least three (3) meetings per semester, or if they accumulate two (2) UNEXCUSED absences over the course of the year (one may be made up).  Three (3) UNEXCUSED absences within a school year will result in the member being automatically dismissed/dropped from the local LHS club chapter (However, a written appeal for reinstatement may be submitted in writing, clearly explaining the circumstances and how things will change in the future).  

       In 2022-23, we will continue with the normal eight (8) Total Attendance Credits for EACH SEMESTER.  English Honor Graduation Cords for Seniors will be determined by May 1st of each year, and will be awarded to those eligible at the End of Year Celebration in late May when we give out EHS at LHS Senior Honor Graduation Cords and facilitate a New Member Induction Ceremony.  Go to the Attendance Credit Requirements Page for further information & opportunities regarding EHS at LHS Community Service, Fundraising, & Volunteer Hours.


    Mr. Hultgren,

    English Honor Society (EHS at LHS)

    2022-23 ADVISOR