• PLTW as an Academy
    PLTW is recognized as an academy and requires an application for continuation in the program. As in the past, you can still take PLTW in tandem with another Academy. Just be aware that this may cause scheduling conflicts and you will likely sacrifice a lunch period in that year.
    Applications are done in February and acceptance letters are sent out (via email for PLTW applicants) in early March. Check your school email for your letter at that time and confirm receipt in the email. If accepted, sign up for the next PLTW course with your counselor for the upcoming school year...and start engineering greatness!

    Join the PLTW Google Classroom for updates and announcements.
    Class code for PLTW is frlwubv and is posted in all PLTW rooms.

    Be a leader in Project Lead the Way!
    If interested in running as an officer for PLTW Academy in the 2021-22 year, check Google Classroom for PLTW (frlwubv).
    The application can be found in the PLTW Google Classroom.

    President: Serves as head of the Academy, assisting in all activities and works closely with Mr.Streit and other PLTW teachers. Agendas will be built by the President.
    Vice President: Serves as assistant head of the Academy, helping with all activities and work closely with the President, Mr.Streit, and other PLTW teachers.
    Secretary: Manages/organizes events and meetings necessary to the group.
    Treasurer: Manages/oversees the finances of the group. A leader when it comes to fund-raising activities and other financial capacities.
    Director of Relations: Builds and develops relationships with local companies, bringing in guest speakers and organizing possible job shadow opportunities.
    Community Relations Representative: Aids in the development of relationships with local companies and connects students with the engineering industry.
    Director of Fundraising: Leads the team in finding and executing fundraising campaigns to raise money for events and other student and academy costs.
    Director of Communication: Leads the team in relaying messages to the academy participants. Uses PLTW Google Classroom and email as platforms for making students aware of everything in PLTW.

    It is the expectation of the academy that all applicants are responsible, dedicated, and able members that are capable of performing all duties outlined and attending meetings.

    2020-2021 OFFICERS
    President: Colin Gasiewicz (12)

    Vice President: Brandon Paryz (12)

    Director of Relations: Hannah Meyer (11)

    Community Relations Representatives:
    Zack Vogl (12)
    Thomas Fries (12)
    Jianna Pawlowski (12)
    Anna Burns (10)

    Secretary: Katie McManus (12)

    Treasurer: Madeline Whelan (12)


    2021-2022 OFFICERS

    President: Eric Butcher

    Vice President: Riley Molnar

    Director of Relations: Christopher Bencini

    Community Relations Representatives:
    Dominic Mintz 
    Gavin Jell
    Saranyu Janapareddy

    Director of Fundraising: Olivia Amey

    Director of Communication: Kevin Fisher

    Secretary: Dominick Reichlin

    Treasurer: Jake Oberg

    PLTW District Delegate:
    Mr. Matthew T. Baehr
    (Technology Department Chairman)
    716-686-3255 ext. 9366

    PLTW Academy Director:
    Mr. Phillip Streit
    716-686-3255 ext. 9354

    LHSTechTwitter: @LHSNYtech

    Project Lead The Way is a national initiative to prepare high school students for a future in the exciting and ever-changing world of Technology and Engineering Technologies. Project Lead The Way is currently being offered in over 5000 schools in all 50 states across the USA.

    When you take a PLTW class you will not only be working with hundreds of Lancaster classmates, you will be working with tens of thousands of classmates across the United States. So sign up today for your first class in Project Lead The Way, and take a step in the right direction for your future! See your Counselor today.

    Current PLTW Engineering course offerings are:

    - Honors Drawing & Design for Production (aka-Introduction to Engineering Design)
    - Principles Of Engineering
    - Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    - Digital Electronics
    - Computer Science & Software Engineering
    - Engineering Design & Development

    For more information on this exciting curriculum, please click on the image to the right, which will take you directly to the National Project Lead The Way website. www.pltw.org

Last Modified on May 26, 2021